Is Tauros ever viable? Like, at all?

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So, I haven't been into competitive battling since Gen 1 and 2, like, at all. The EV/Natures/whatever nonsense became too complicated and uninteresting, so I've never really paid attention to competitive battling since. I know Tauros has been mostly relegated to NU since Gen 4, but as someone who fondly remembers the absolute powerhouse he used to be in Gens 1 and 2, I really want to create a team for X/Y that works Tauros into the fold, somehow. X/Y made a ton of improvements that remove a lot of the time-wasting nonsense from raising a Pokemon, so I really want to try to get back into team-building.

Now, my style of play (being from the old gens and all) is very basic, centred solely around hitting hard and whipping out a tank when needed. I'm really not too familiar with the thought process behind things like weather, trick room, etc., but I'd love any pointers you could give me in this regard. I sat down and looked at some of the Pokemon that have been competent in the last few gens, and Mamoswine, Magnezone and Gallade all strike my fancy, along with newcomers M-Pinsir and Trevenant. Glaring fire weakness in that group to be sure, but I've been out of the loop for so long that I really don't know where to start. :D

So to get back to my original point... Does anyone have any ideas of any sort of team set-up that could compliment Tauros and bring him back to his former glory?

Thanks in advance.

PS, *shakes angry fist at Steel types*
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Short answer no.

This probably shouldn't be its own thread. You should talk about it on the OU viability ranking page if you really want to. Tauros just isn't strong enough to function in the OU metagame. However it is a potent threat in the NU tier if it is any consolation. Plus it can't abuse Hyper Beam like it could in Gen 1 :(


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If you want to use Tauros in a 5th Generation metagame, I recommend sticking to NU, as Tauros is a monster there.
However for OU, your best off using a Life Orb / Sheer Force set, but you probably won't get very far.
In short, no. Tauros will most likely never return to his former glory (king of RBY).
Mixed Tauros with Fire Blast and Ice Beam/Blizzard can do some work with Ferrothorn, Forretress and Dragons

It's fun as fuck but you should really stick with NU.
I've got quite a bit of experience with Tauros as an avid player in the NU tier. The fact is, while in First Gen it could abuse such moves as Hyper Beam which are now nerfed, it lacks the raw power it used to have. It is completely walled in OU by things like Gengar, walling it's Normal Type Attacks and Ground Coverage Moves, leaving the Shaky Zen Headbutt which can easily be disabled by said Gengar. Long story short, it is one of the BEST Normal types in NU, but lacks the raw power to go into any tier higher than RU expecting to not get walled.

However, if you must use it, I suggest the following SubEndeavor Set.

Tauros (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Sheer Force
EVs: 248 Atk / 8 HP / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature
- Rock Climb
- Substitute
- Endeavor
- Zen Headbutt

Now you may ask yourself why I'm suggesting this specific set. The fact is, it's only other few variants cannot be utilized effectively in OU. Even this set is shaky at best. The scarfed version is far outdone by things like Banded Stoutland in Sand, and other effective OU Scarfers. It's standard LO version cannot touch Skarmory or Forretress. With this, while you can't touch them, you can use Substitute and Life Orb to get yourself low enough to the point that you can cripple any walls with Endeavor prior to your death.

Outside of this, I don't think Tauros will ever climb back up to the King's Throne where it used to sit.
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